Friday, April 24, 2009

Hubby is down in the cities doing his thing of 'garage saling'.
I do not go with.
Let me qualify.
First of all, if he left from home, and I was going along, it would mean that I would have to get up at 2 in order to be coherent enought to leave at 4.
4 A.M., people.
Do I look nuts?
Did I also mention that I am NOT a morning person?
I need caffeinated beverages in order to not show fangs and snarl and attack with claws.
I am not a particularly good caffeine person.
It is called a 'sensitivity' to caffeine. Took 100 cups of coffee/day while in college with three babies to get that way.
Sensitivity, not babies.
So he is off doing his thing and loving every minute of it. It is very similar to the cave man going out and hunting for the survival of his family. Gets very hairy out there for the 'beast' in the hunt. He does very well at it, and he has a group out there with him that love it just as much.
MY problem is that when I do go, I 'shop' for me or the house. Love knitting and especially my passion of 30+ years, counted cross stitch supplies. I bought the best, partially-completed leaf tablecloth that I finished and cannot tell where the old stitching ended and mine started.
I do not go to buy to resell. Part of my problem. I see things for me, not to sell and make money.
First of all, I do not have 'The Eye'. Which in transation, means, you know what you can buy for little or less money and sell for much more of the stuff.
Second, did I mention that you have to get up VERY early to do so. Yes, I know you are usually done by ten, and then you get to take a very satisfying nap around 10:45 after a very good breakfast, but you need to get up early! While it is still dark! Hmmpf.
I guess I will be satisfied to stay warm, comfy and cozy in my bed and do some stitching.
Or blogging.
Let me know if you see my husband 'sail' on by and where he is at.
Take care everyone.

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