Thursday, March 12, 2009


Some times people yearn to live in the country.
Sometimes people that live in the country yearn to live in a city.
I may belong to the second today.
Today is the 'second day' of trying to get a running, babbling brook to stop coming out of our chicken coop hydrant, the back, most eastern building of our farm yard collection in buildings.
After getting a new well-head installed this summer, the problem stopped, or so we thought. (At least that alleviated the three foot, black-ant nest in the well head. Gross to say the least)
Today I will get to get my yard dug up for the second time with a back-hoe. I also have the well guy that installed the new well-head, back and try to fix our 'babbling brook'. Johnson Lake on top of our hill is not what I want.
Yesterday we had two friends and hubby digging around in a 40' well, thinking that by installing a valve and turn-off inside the well, would stop the water. Hubby went out this morning and saw steam and as he got closer, still heard the babbling brook. So whatever they did yesterday, didn't work.
'Tis the luck of the country livin', I'm tellin' ya!
Our friend with the backhoe just came in to turn on the water briefly to see where the line is, evidently and said that there wasn't much left of our chicken coop. Hmmm, O.K.
Guess when you have below zero weather and are behind a backhoe, everything goes.
Oh well, enough. Can't go to the bathroom, do dishes, laundry for at least another two hours, however, I can finish making the bed and comb/brush my hair as well as post and check email as well as knit.
I have been trying to finish our last granddaughter's scarf and hat set since December 14, 2008. That's another story there.
"Signing off of WKRP in Cincinnati......." oh wait, just our Fever Mug made it on the show, not me. Good Golly Miss Molly, not coherent today. Must be the nails that have been put off being fixed for a month now. Called for an appointment today, and cancelled all within 5 minutes. Arrrrgh!

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