Monday, March 9, 2009


I have cats.
In my house.
I rescued the 'old' ladies from outside because one year I was going to be gone for a week, and knew they wouldn't have survived that severe winter for a week. I have since lost three of my babies and I still grieve for them.
I won't tell you the number, as it is manageable, the house large enough and not like the houses you hear about on the news.
So don't even think of it.
I don't want to hear it.
And, if you persist, thinking that you are holier than thou, don't bother talking to me. I have already eliminated an old friendship because she told me that more than one cat was 'so very, very unhealthy'.....of course she has a 'suposed' allergy to cats and wouldn't think of having them in her home, For Heaven's Sake! By the way, she now has an inside house cat. Hmmmmm
They are my children, now that my own three have 'grown and flown'.
In some ways they are nicer to me than my three as they like to cuddle, a lot.
With me, on the bed, sometimes all at once. That makes for an interesting night's sleep. Never realized how stiff one can get when you have kitties fighting for territory with Mom and Mom sleeps in ONE position all night for fear of disrupting the ladies.
Dear Hubby has his own side of the bed, and they DO NOT try to compete with him for any of that bed surface, let me tell you!
I follow a lady in another blog that has her two babies, Chief and Bert, that make for such an interesting read. So I know she would understand. Hello Jill!
Anyway, two of my ladies are now in 'that' condition.
For the most part, I have tuned the yeowling out. But just in the last five minutes or so, have really 'listened' to it. The one making a fuss, and the Mother of the younger, answering. Such intonations! My Goodness! They do indeed have their own language! Highs and lows, sharps and shrills, gutteral and clear. It is like they are telling each other...the younger...'it is so annoying, I don't like it, when will it end, etc..' The older...'it won't take much longer, it is just part of our life, just let it go......' And on and on.

There is a marvelous series written by Shirley Rousseau Murphy that should be on every cat lover's list of reading. It centers around 'a big, powerful, gray feline, Joe Grey'. If you pick up one of the books find book one. Look at the publishing dates to find it. Even those of us with cats will find the way Shirley presents them, an eye-opener. I don't have them all and do need to keep the reading going. They are such fun books. I hope you will all go out to the library and read from book one on.
I am sorry for those of the world with just one cat or none. It is us with 'multiples' sharing our homes, that we can experience a phenomenon that is very, very interesting. And 'they' say cats can't talk.
Hmmmph. Little do they know, LOL.

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