Monday, March 23, 2009

Back, sort of

Well, since late Thursday and early Friday, I have been battling the flu bug or food poisoning. Most likely the latter. No vomiting but a lot of dry heaves.
Did I mention that I am not the best person to be sick?
I hate being sick.
When coherent (not sleeping), there are rumblings of snappishness, rudeness, growliness, and down and out feral behaviour.
No church on Sunday and I intensely dislike missing Mass (no guilt here, I just dislike missing Mass). Did work the auction kitchen (just pop, candy bars and pop, prepared food) on Saturday with the aid of two Tylenol, but was still under the radar on Sunday. Good thing I didn't go, because as soon as hubby left for the auction house on Sunday a.m. pickups, dry heaves hit again. Somehow, even when you are sick, you feel cheated when there is no product to accompany the action. The body is not able to rid itself of what is making you feel 'ucky'. Don't you feel just grand now?
Finally feeling a bit better today.
Well enough to start some laundry. 'Smeller' told me that the not so nice smellies accumulating in the hamper area had to get done. So loaded the small apartment sized Maytag washing machine in my kitchen, next to the fridge, and started it up.
Ok, Maybe not so up to par yet. Caught myself, sitting on my kitchen stool, looking at the load going round and around in the window and literally started to count the revolutions it made around before stopping and reversing itself. Yah! Doesn't take much to entertain myself, I guess.
So I thought I might be up to something to eat.
I'm Tellin' Ya'! Stephanie is my name! When in crisis, EAT! Of course, it wasn't chocolate or pineapple upside down cake (with sour cream, skip the whipped cream please), but it was close.
I have been able to keep down the Anoka, MN, Rice Box Thai restaurant dinner I got on Friday. Had to eat it today because today is day three. We all know that food prepared and not eaten by day three gets thrown out because of bacteria multiplying in it. It just isn't safe to eat any longer. Didn't eat a lot of the remaining dinner, but was able to throw it away without compunction. I did find out something, though. I don't like peanuts in my food. I am not fond of the crunch. Go Figure?! I love the peanut sauce in the Thai Spring rolls, and they have fantastic spring rolls at the Rice Box (just the right amount of cilantro) and the sauce has smaller peanut chunks, so that is OK.
But I am on the mend. Thank goodness. I don't much like myself when I get sick. I am thankful that my husband overlooks my crankiness and crappiness when I get sick. He is an absolute angel, even when he had a ton of nastiness going on with his business yesterday. He was still tender and solicitous for me. I appreciate that. My wish for you today is that you all have a hubby nor partner that is concerned for you when you are ill. If you don't have either, I wish you friends that will care for you, pets are included in this.
My 13.5# male cat, Silver, kept trying to get close to Mom to cuddle. Minnie (quite a bit smaller), kept trying to do the same. Minnie kept getting put back on her director's chair, and the big guy got pushed down by the feet to watch out for intruders coming in the bedroom door. Well, that's his job!
Now that I have written the book for the week, I wish you a good Monday. Now I am off to read my Monday installment of Nordic Needle's weekly newsletter for an uplifting chat with a favourite part of my stitching family.
Take care all.

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