Monday, March 16, 2009

I have become 'Stephanie Plum'.
No two ways about it.
My name is now 'Stephanie Plum'.
Or at least it should be.
She and I are having issues today.
Stephanie's issues currently are in the book To The Nines by Janet Evanovich, just in case you were unaware of who Stephanie Plum is.
Mine are with the A. T. & T. people.
Stephanie has this wonderful 'feelings' for TastyKakes when things go wrong, a kind of reconciliation substitution when dealing with idiot people.
Mine, today, is with the DQ Pecan Waffle Bowl, dipped, thank you.
For me, it's gonna be 5 hours on the treadmill, I know, and the waffle bowl isn't that good! Shouldn't have given in to it. The blood sugar is going to be off the wall.
Back to the issues. I am trying to find out how much our phone bill is for the house. Our land line. I don't have the bill for the house phone, just the current bills for the wireless accounts. I call that number. I was informed that they don't have those records in front of them.
O. K., give me the number for the land line. Got it. Called it and the number they said that I was calling from was a 203 area code? Same numbers, just turned around. And the actual seven digit number wasn't even close.
So I hung up and tried again.
Over a half hour later, I get Leon on the phone.
My luck, he is East Indian.
My sincerest apologies to every one that is of that descent.
My 66 year old ears simply cannot decipher your accent.
I have tried. I have asked that you speak slowly, even that doesn't help. I can understand English spoken with a Chinese accent, Irish accent, New England accent, Southern U.S.A. accent, Somali accent..........I just cannot bend my ear around the East Indian accent.
I have tried, and tried, and tried.
Then he asked me for the last four digits of the social security number for the account.
I am so very ashamed to say that I blew my temper, sky high.
I had to get into town before a certain time and I just wanted the current amount to send a check in, and the address of where to send it.
I don't have my husband's social security number, and even if I did, I wouldn't be giving it out. Even if it is just the last four numbers. It was never meant to be used as an ID and every one seems to need those last four digits. I guarantee that someone, somewhere, will have had a 'code program' that will run all the possible combinations at high speed until the name and the last four numbers agree. Bingo! My account will have been breached.
This is why we set up a password, or pass code, numbers if you will. Didn't want that, had to be the four numbers of his soc. sec. number. I hung up,
Went to town, paid those bills, and will look up the bill online, At least I won't have to encounter an accent I have tried for years to understand or give out the soc. sec. numbers.
I have tried, honestly.
Move over Steph, I am claiming your couch.

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