Friday, September 4, 2009

My Dad

It's been a while.
My Dad is in the Elim Care and Rehab here in town because he fell in the bathroom at his apartment. He wasn't using his walker and fell, and wanted to go to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. We don't know why he wanted to go, but I have a feeling that it is perhaps the suggestion of the nurse at his residence.
At 94, my siblings and I have conferred that it is a good possibility that he will be unable to return to his apartment. Dad doesn't know this yet. He may have an inkling, but nothing has been mentioned to him by our daughter Margaret or myself. Hopefully the staff there has not said anything.
We are still in the process of finding him a residence that will give him his meds and supervise his activities and so that he has better supervision.
Margaret has taken over the basic care of shaving him, actively supervising his showers oce a week and doing his laundry and when he was at his apartment, going down about three days a week in order to change the dressing to keep his legs healed. He had a pretty big hole in the skin from bumping the shin and washing his skin too hard.
We did go to Cambridge, but the facility that was recommended did not have an opening for a male resident at this time.
There is a facility in Milaca other than the Elim residence, and we will go again to see if they have a room available and check cost again.
This is very hard to do.
I hope that he doesn't miss his friends too much from the apartment/senior residence he was living in. He cannot go back. They have already told the woman in charge of admissions at the Elim Care and Rehab that he will have to be put on their special program if he comes back. That means at least a start of $150.00 for an assessment, and the charge to join it is $85.00 per month, each month to give him his meds and check on him 2-3 times per day. I don't know if this will include all he needs, such as therapy and getting him ready for bed. I am sure that it will cost extra for each service he will need.
I am trying to keep him safe, and living on his own is not safe any longer.
I ask for your prayers to help us find a good facility for him to live that he can afford close to us, and for the strength we will need to continue with this. I also ask for prayers for Margaret who has been relieving me of all the chores. Ask in your prayers for strength for her.
God Bless....

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  1. Cait,

    I understand your concerns it has to be hard. My dad will be 63 later this month and at times he has me worried because his health has been down hill this year. Hang in there you and your siblings are doing the right thing! I wish you and your family the best of luck and will be in my prayers.