Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze/Johnny Castle,"Time Of My Life'

Last night as my husband was logging in to his email site, the Yahoo blurb had a picture of Patrick Swayze and the headline that he had passed away at 57. He said "OHHH, Patrick Swayze died." It sounded as though he felt the loss also.
I am weeping as I type, as this is the ONE man that made me feel like I could have been a beautiful dancer.
This man and the movie 'Dirty Dancing' is such a part of every woman's love life out here.
Patrick Swayze/Johnny Castle will be the dance partner I never had with my big, 6'3" football husband to my tiny stature of 5' 2.5".
It is so terribly sad that the men in our lives don't understand that 'Pounding the Ground' with our feet with the swaying and moving our bodies in ancestral/tribal dancing gets our libido/juices moving.
Have they ever wondered why men and women come off the dance floor with these huge grins on their faces?
There is nothing sissy, homophobic or wrong with tribal dancing, yes even the slow dances......It is their big loss.
And, unfortunately, ours.
Patrick, God's Peace to you.
Thank You for being my Heart's Dancing Partner.
I will miss your flying feet, lithe body, and killer smile forever. You fought long and hard, and now you deserve to rest in God's Peace forever.
Lisa Niemi, "Thank You" for sharing your husband with us, our hearts are grieving along with you. Don't ever stop dancing.
I woke up this morning wth the song in my mind and heart, "The Time of My Life" with Bill Medley and Jennifer Warne. It is a beautiful song, and the lyrics are a tribute to Patrick Swayze, his dancing partner Jennifer Grey, and to all of us out here that love "Dirty Dancing".

I always wanted to be a dancer.

In my heart I am.

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  1. It was sad to hear last night about his death. He was a great actor and dancer who made a lot of the ladies hearts go pitter patter over the years. I remember when Dirty Dancing came out. Both me and my mother fell in love with the movie and Patrick. We ended up going to the theater 3 times that summer to see the movie! I feel sad for his wife and family it has to be hard on all of them. He will always be remembered for his rugged good looks and amazing dancing ability as well as his acting.