Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some of the stitched gifts and WIP projects I am currently or have worked on.

This is a set of a bib, burp and changing pad that I stitched for a friend's grand-daughter. I loved that lamb, and most likely will do the three again for another baby-to-be soon. I will delete the fur splotches on the rabbit next time though. I added those to the pattern, and did not like the finished results. All had balloons attached and I think the balloons did nothing for the animals, so will delete those also. All in all, I loved stitching the lamb the most. The pattern is by Lorri Birmingham in a Leisure Arts hardcover book called "Quick as a Wink".

This is one of my favourite violet patterns.

I have just recently 're-discovered' this pattern. I am putting all my violet patterns in one loose-leaf notebook. I find that I enjoy stitching these little purple harbingers of spring the most of all flowers.

I stitched this as a vinyl mug insert for a stitching group's mug insert exchange. I never heard back from her if she liked it or not. I think I got a gingerbread insert back. I don't know, she never signed it. I guess I am not into 'cutesy' patterns, but that is most likely what she likes. It is on my bedroom table next to the bed to hold hair clips, pencils, etc..


This is a work in progress. I need to get it done. It has not been worked on for a while because of other pressing stitchings that have popped up for other people. I have just a few more flowers to outline and the center words to put in. It is a Dimensions pattern and found the Dimensions conversion chart to DMC. I prefer the DMC floss as it is a much brighter, cleaner floss. Time to find it and put it back in the Q-Snaps to work on. I kind of got tired of it, if you is a lot of 'puttsy' color changes. But I do need to finish it and go on.
I do have more stitchings to post, and will do so when I have more time.
Counted cross stitch is an enduring passion that I have and I did take two years off from doing any stitching to learn how to knit. I am more than ready to get back to stitching.
I have learned the basics of knitting, and know where to find help if a pattern really 'grabs' me, but don't hold your breath. I really prefer counted cross stitch. BUT, as I said, I will wait for a pattern to really grab me in order to pick up those needles again. There is the felted, knitted bag that I do want to try though. Hey I am a 'Bag Lady' par excellence, if you will.
The one nice thing about knitting, is that I don't have to go 'cross-eyed' trying to get that needle tip into the hole in the cross stitch fabric in a bouncing truck. The Cadillac we owned on the trip to California allowed for marvelous cross stitching time. Nice and smooooooth.

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  1. Cait,

    Very beautiful stitching! I love your work. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for all your comments. I love my pets, anymore with having a teenage son I find myself alone a lot because my husband works a lot as well so my babies keep me company. I don't like to admit to others how many I have because they may think I am out of my mind but I clean my house everyday and the pets are taken care of so my house does not look like it is overrun by the pets. Me and Mike's problem is our hearts are too big for our own good sometimes.