Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Webshots concerns

There seems to be a lot of Webshots usage. Here is part of a posting to a couple of people in a stitching group, but think everyone else should be aware of it.
Here it is:

"By the way, did you know that the company 'Webshots' uses your photos without asking your permission?
I saw an ad for the company recently, totally out of the blue on the net, and was surprised to see and recognize a gift towel that 'I' had stitched for a friend for an exchange, in another stitching club.
I was never notified, nor more importantly, even asked, if I minded that they used my photo as part of their ads.

I had recognized it because I couldn't figure out what it (the pattern) was and what pattern I had used before in one of my albums. I had to ask the lady I stitched it for what it was.
You might want to reconsider putting photos in there, and placing them on your own blog with your blog address if you want to point people to your works..... You will never know how Webshots will use your work without your permission."

Blogs are easy to find and to start your own is easy. Hey, if this old lady can do it, anyone can, believe me.....try "" for one....a wonderful place to be. That is where I have mine and it is free.

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