Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just tried to access Twitter.
I am not fond of all this twittering going on (even though I signed on early in the Twitter opening), especially since they limit the length of the message.
You can't really get into the 'meat' of any thought with such little space to do it in.
But I think that is all related to our 'young' society.
Hop here, hop there, hop somewhere else. Not giving time and length to anything substantial.
Does anyone out there remember having to memorize poetry in school? Wanna bet that it is only us 'older' generation that had to do that? I am waiting for all this twittering nonsense to run it's course and something more enjoyable for us 'older, saner' generation to be able converse in. But, I love emails, so that doesn't count. You can hold conversations, back and forth, on those.
I couldn't get in, by the way, because I couldn't remember my user name and or password. Arrrgh!

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