Saturday, November 6, 2010

Angel food cakes

When I was a youngster, I would ask my Mom to make angel food cakes for special occasions. Angel food cakes with berries, whether those were fresh or not, didn't matter. It was the cake, pure and simple. Now don't get me wrong, I love a chocolate cake or white cake with lemon filling along with the best of them, but the angel food cake had a special appeal for this kid.
When the cake was resting on that pop bottle, I called for dibs on the pan. Now my next youngest sibling didn't have a clue. Dee was all for the cake, berries and whipped cream. I, on the other hand couldn't wait for the pan, and I wasn't about to share that secret.
All this is brought back by today's program on PBS"s 'Cook's Country', the sister program of 'America's Test Kitchen'.
Now these two programs are the best thing to watch and learn by if you want to know the reasons why your food/meal comes out, or not, the way you want it to. Really an important method of schooling for all of us that have leanings to being called a 'foodie'. They also publish a magazine that solve all sorts of really terrific and important cooking issues, solved and perfected. Their equipment corner is a marvelous way to find equipment that will work in your kitchen, and not fall apart with usage, the best of the best. Look for it and see if you aren't intrigued by it and will buy it. A good read for any cook or budding culinary scientist.
Today's program, you guessed it, the seven rules to make a perfect angel food cake.
All said and done, for me, it is still about the dibs on the ooey, gooey remnants in the pan. The one I got dibs on. I don't know what it was and is about that part of the cake, but the cake runs a close second to the absolute delight to a child to get that part left on the pan.
Next time you make an angel food cake, snitch a bit of my childhood and sample that ooey, gooey remnant left in the pan. I still like it even when you buy an angel food from the store. Sometimes you will get lucky and that remnant left on the carton bottom is there.
You might just agree with me and bring back a wonderful memory of childhood....or create your own good memory for your adulthood.

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