Thursday, September 23, 2010

The first day of fall

Today is our Anniversary. 
We were married 32 years ago (in 1978) on a bright, beautiful, sunshine-y day.  I made my dress and bought dresses for our two daughters in shades of pink.  Our son disappeared for the entire ceremony and never did find out where he went.  He did show up for the food, however, he was twelve and always hungry.
Today as I woke up, my DH wished me a Happy Anniversary, grabbed his watch, phone, wallet and a couple of waters from the fridge and headed down to the cities to see what treasures he could find today. 
I have a memorial to go to for my Dad at the residence chapel where he had lived for the last year, this afternoon. 
Somehow it seems rather fitting. 
It is raining today, and I will not complain about the rain.  It makes me want to just sit and stitch or knit.  Both are constructive and calming.
To say that I need it is an understatement. 
But life goes on and so will I.
Happy Anniversary dear Husband. 

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